Airline strikes 2022: Full list of strike action taking place this summer

Ryanair workers already took part in strike action Belgium and Portugal from June 24 to 26, in France from June 25 to 26, in Italy on June 25, and in Spain from June 24 to 26, on June 30, and again over July 1 and 2.

Further strikes across Spain are expected to take place on July 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 28.

A Ryanair spokesperson said the action was “poorly supported” and called by unions representing “tiny numbers” of staff.

They added: “Less than one percent of Ryanair’s flights have been affected in the past month by recent minor and poorly supported cabin crew strikes called by unions who are either not recognised by or who represent tiny numbers of Ryanair crews.

“Air Traffic Control (ATC) and airport staff shortages across Europe, which are beyond Ryanair’s control may however cause some minor disruption and any passengers whose flights are disrupted by ATC staff shortages will be notified of their entitlements by email/SMS.”

On July 21, Ryanair welcomed a ballot approval by its Spanish based pilots on post-Covid pay restoration, which follows the recent acceptance by its French based pilots of a similar agreement.

Ryanair’s People Director, Darrell Hughes said: “We welcome these long-term agreements which run until 2027 and will deliver numerous improvements for our pilots based in Spain and France.

“While the recovery from the impact of the pandemic is still ongoing and our industry faces significant challenges, this long-term agreement delivers stability, accelerated pay restoration, future pay increases and other benefit improvements for pilots.

“While all of our pilots across our European network are covered by 2020 Emergency Agreements, we continue to work with our pilots and their unions on new deals, similar to those concluded with SEPLA and SNPL, and have now successfully re-negotiated accelerated pay restoration and improved long-term agreements with over 85 percent of our pilots.”

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