Angry driver slams £60 fine for parking in a marked space – 'taking the p***!'

Posting on Mumsnet, a furious driver explained that she had been fined £60 simply for parking her car. She explained that she received the fine for parking “Not in Marked Space”, but she believes they are “taking the utter p***”.

The driver said she lives in an old, listed navy barracks which has been turned into “posh flats” and restaurants.

She said that it attracts lots of visitors so the parking attendants are “total sharks”.

A picture of her car shows clear white lines on the left-hand side of the car, with fainter white lines along the back and right-hand side of the car.

The faint lines can still be clearly seen, although they are lighter than the other spaces next to the car.

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A third commenter stated: “It’s a marked space and you have a valid claim.

“But it could be a legacy marked space that has not been repainted as a ‘current marked space’.

“There should be signs etc that provide the terms of use, and unless there is a reference to ‘clear/new marked spaces’ or something about numbered spaces then there’s nothing to tell you not to park.”

According to Money Saving Expert, if a driver receives an “unfair ticket” in a private car park, they shouldn’t automatically pay it.

These ”fines” handed out are invoices and are often unenforceable.

They advise reporting the unfair fine to the landowner and to gather as much evidence as possible to fight the claim.

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