Birmingham evacuation: New Street station passengers rush for exit as fire alarm sounds

Later it was announced that the incident was a false alarm and that the station will reopen soon.

In another update on Twitter, Network Rail said: “A false fire alarm has temporarily caused the evacuation of the station”.

The service provider apologised for the inconvenience and added: “A full safety check is being completed and the station will reopen shortly.

“There may be short-term disruption as a result.”

Commuters expressed their complaints on Twitter, with @danieljlacey_ writing: “When will you be reopening? We’ve been sat on a train at Coleshill Parkway for almost 40 minutes, if it’s a false alarm what’s the hold up?”

Another annoyed user with the handle @liv94332789 wrote: “I’ve been waiting on the train ages when is this going to move I’ve got places to be I’m late to a very important meeting.”

Reacting to the update about the false alarm, @pwnage__101 also commented: “Great. I’ve had to catch an uber to my destination about 30 miles away as I had an appointment I couldn’t afford to miss. Who can I send the bill to?”

Shortly after 1pm the station reopened and train lines continued their routes.

Many visitors have arrived in Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games that are due to begin on Thursday.

A sports writer posted pictures of the evacuation on Twitter commenting it was a “scary start”.

V Krishnaswamy said: “An alarm has been sounded at the Birmingham Central but an officer outside the building said it is a false alarm.

“Someone has snapped the alarm and it wasn’t stopping, scary start!”

Then, in a later tweet, he added: “People are once again being allowed to enter the Grand Central at Birmingham New Street after a false alarm forced an evacuation and trains stopped outside the platform.”

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