Boris Becker 'may be deported from UK' immediately after jail release

John McEnroe and Sue Barker were both criticised for referencing former BBC pundit Becker during the broadcaster’s coverage of Wimbledon this year. 

“Boris is a friend of mine. This is just horrible,” McEnroe said. “I want to see him if I possibly can and if he’s willing to see people. I just feel terrible. He’s one of the greatest players that ever played the game. He’s been going through a lot for a long time. He kept telling me it’s going to be OK, it’s under control. That’s Boris.”

McEnroe said during commentary of a match later in the tournament: “Boris, we love you. We miss you, man.”

Barker, who ended her 30-year reign as the BBC’s lead Wimbledon presenter, added: “We do indeed.”

Becker’s potential deportation means that he will not be involved in the coverage of Wimbledon again. 

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