Boris MUST be on the ballot for Tory members – David Campbell Bannerman MP lays out why

The former MEP set out calls for a vote to run alongside the Conservative leadership race in which tory members would be asked “yes or no” on whether the move to oust Boris Johnson has their backing. Mr Campbell Bannerman incisions the vote running alongside the contest between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to replace their former boss. 

Mr Campbell Bannerman told GB News: “What we’re actually asking for is a Boris ballot as we’re calling it, which is the opportunity for the members to have a yes or no vote a separate ballot so we don’t get involved with the Sunak Tuss ballots at all.

“It just gives a membership an opportunity to say yea or nay to Boris and if it’s no then you’ve got the choice of the two replacements to go forward as leader.

“if it’s a yes Boris carries on.

“But hopefully will take on a lot of the great ideas that come out during this leadership selection contests and some of the good people there as well.”

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Tories loyal to the Prime Minister claim around 10,000 party members have signed a petition calling for his name to be added to the ballot, giving Mr Johnson the chance to remain in No 10.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “You heard the Prime Minister say his farewell address to Parliament, he gave advice for his successor.

“Beyond that, obviously I can’t comment on what the Prime Minister may choose to do once he ceases to be Prime Minister, that wouldn’t be one for me.”

Education Secretary James Cleverly said he does not rule out supporting Mr Johnson returning to the Cabinet, but that it is not a decision for him to take.


The BBC debate at 9pm comes after a weekend that saw allies of the two Tory leadership hopefuls trade increasingly personal attacks.

Both candidates will spend Monday engaging in final preparations ahead of the first showdown between the two.

Sophie Raworth will host the debate in Stoke, with the BBC’s political editor Chris Mason and economics editor Faisal Islam offering analysis and some follow-up questions.

The studio audience will be made up entirely of people who voted Conservative at the last general election.

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