Brexit reversal: Remainers in new push to DEMAND second referendum: 'Ask the people!'

Remainers took to Twitter to call for another referendum claiming that some Brexiteers had died and others who were against Brexit were now of voting age. One called on Sir Keir Starmer to have the “courage” to put the vote to the people for a second time, after Brits already decided to ditch the bloc in 2016.

Sir Keir has already said that Labour would not attempt to join the single market or rejoin the EU if in power. However, author and philosopher and avid Remainer Anthony Clifford Grayling urged the Labour Leader to rethink the party’s decision.

He said in a tweet: “Why can’t Starmer have the courage to say: we’ll put the question to the British people in another referendum: do you want to continue with Brexit, or shall we rejoin our European neighbours?

“Ask us. Ask the people. And let’s see what happens.”

Others agreed with the sentiment, with one arguing that some Brexiteers had “passed away” in the six years since the last referendum.

One Remainer said in a tweet: “67 million live in Britain. 17 million voted to leave the EU. Some of these people have now passed away, some are now eligible to vote. Brexit is not a majority of this country and it is an absolute disaster!

“Why are we pandering to this minority and putting the quality of their lives first!”

However, Brexiteers hit back hard at the tweet, highlighting Brexit Britain’s newfound freedoms since leaving the EU.

One said: “Why is it a disaster? We sell more to the EU now, we don’t have to pay £1billion plus per month for membership, we can import tariff-free from wherever we like (if we choose) and we can make whatever laws we please without having the permission of Brussels. Why is it a disaster?”

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Labour under Keir Starmer has said that, if elected, it would not seek to rejoin the EU or the single market.

Mr Starmer said that discussions over Brexit were “arguments of the past” and vowed to make Brexit work.

He said last month: “You cannot move forward or grow the country or deliver change or win back the trust of those who have lost faith in politics if you’re constantly focused on the arguments of the past.”

Mr Starmer has been blamed by some for alienating traditional Labour voters who also voted Leave when he called for a second referendum in 2019 as Labour’s Brexit spokesman.

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