Bristol Airport passengers stuck for hours as queues begin at 4.30am as new chaos hits

The aviation industry has taken a huge hit in recent months with UK airports experiencing mayhem. Most recently, passengers flying from Bristol Airport have encountered huge queues ahead of their holidays.

Travel has been far from plain sailing in recent weeks and months.

Many airlines and airports had to scale back during the pandemic and post-Covid remain understaffed.

With Britons unable to travel much in the past two years due to travel restrictions, many are keen to get away now that the majority have been lifted.

The sudden influx of flyers coupled with a shortage of staff has meant that passengers all over the UK have experienced flight delays, unbearable queues and most unfortunately, flight cancellations.

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Covid infections have also risen recently in the UK.

This has meant that some airport and airline staff are too unwell for work.

A culmination of these factors has led to passengers experiencing real discomfort and displeasure with their travel experience.

Photographs of Bristol Airport in North Somerset have emerged this morning showing the extent of airport chaos in the country.


Other images show travellers laying down on airport sofas and couches wrapped in blankets and sleeping.

However, opinions on Bristol Airport this morning have been a mixed bag.

Last nigth@abs207 tweeted: “@Ryanair @bristolairport You send an email to get to the airport three hours before and then the check in staff have a go at you for being early!!

“Might need to get your advice correct as a lot of people unnecessarily queuing and not allowed to check in until two hours before!!”

Similarly, @cardiffnc wrote at 2:06am: “@BristolAirport If I could fly to see my family from somewhere else I would – everything is slow – stuck here for nearly an hour waiting for luggage !!”

However, others have been impressed by the airport’s handling of holidaymakers, taking to Twitter to praise the service in recent days.

@unisonchairdppj just tweeted: “Excellent service yesterday from @bristolairport, @easyjet and #AeropuertoBarcelona.”

@bethkorf added: “Good work @bristolairport this morning, took less than 10 mins to get through security.”

“No drama, no queues, no crowds and no delays. Well done! Same again on Friday please for the return.”

A spokesperson for Bristol Airport told “This morning customers experienced less than 45 minutes queue time for check-in and less than 25 minutes queue time for security, these queue times could have been reduced further if customers had arrived as check-in opened. 

“During the busy summer period, customers are advised to check with the airline when their check-in/ bag drop desk opens and arrive in the terminal at this time. 

“Customers are advised not to arrive early as check-in and security may not be open – adding to the congestion.”

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