Britain sends warning to China with fleet of nuclear submarines to be based in Australia

The move which is expected to be agreed to next week aims to deter Chinese aggression in the area. Under the agreement British submarines could be based in Australia until 2040 which would place them close enough to China to react to any hostility.

The head of the Armed Forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, is expected to sign the arrangement in Sydney next week at a navy conference.

Such a brazen move from the UK to allocate a number of submarines to the South China Sea on patrol will be the biggest move Britain has made against Beijing.

The move is part of the Australia, United Kingdom and United States security alliance (AUKUS) which has the key role of confronting the growing Chinese military presence in the Indo-Pacific.

The UK is seeking to deepen engagement in the area due to economic and security concerns presented by Beijing.

Royal Navy submarines are expected to be based in Perth with Australian submariners working with British crews.

The creation of the alliance has enraged the Communist regime as China and Australia are engaged in a trade war and a diplomatic deadlock.

The further actions of the alliance which is strengthening its ties has further angered the regime in China.

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The Ministry of Defence said: “It is UK policy that we do not comment on matters relating to submarine activity or operations.”

The MoD completed an Integrated Review last year during which they indicated the ‘Pacific tilt’.

The review created a target for the UK to become “the European partner with the broadest and most integrated presence in the Indo-Pacific”.

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