British expats: The best destination in the world is ‘very friendly’ and cheap

The InterNations Expat Insider 2022 survey ranks the best destinations in the world for expats. It ranks countries based on the ease of settling in, the quality of life, personal finance stats, happiness level and more.

Mexico was named the best country in the world for British expats and scored highly in many areas.

Over 90 percent of expats in Mexico thought the population was very friendly while 75 percent thought it was easy to make friends.

One said: “Mexicans are very friendly people and eager to help when you have a problem.”

Another added: “When you make friends with a Mexican, you have a friend for life.”

More than three quarters of expats living in Mexico were happy with their financial situation and thought the country was affordable.


Just under 80 percent of expats thought that housing was affordable in Mexico while many thought it was easy to find.

Expats also thought the options for leisure activities were very good and rated the nightlife scene highly.

However, expats were less unimpressed with Mexico’s urban environment with one saying there was general “disrespect to the planet”.

They said there was too much litter, trash and urban waste in the streets although they thought the climate was great.

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Many expats tend to live in Mexico’s capital city, Mexico City, which has a population of over 20 million.

Beach lovers might prefer Baja California which has Pacific beaches and incredible mountains.

There are sizable expat communities near the coast with people flocking to Puerto Vallarta and Huatulco.

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Mexico is around half the price of living in the UK.

While Mexico has a lot of reasons that make it an attractive destination for expats, safety is a concern.

Around one in five expats felt unsafe living in Mexico while three in 10 thought the political situation was unstable.

Drug trafficking is a major issue in Mexico and the country ranks 18th in the world for murders.

However, most touristic areas are relatively safe although expats should do their research before visiting some regions.

Mexico has an enviable climate and expats will enjoy a lot better weather than the UK. 

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