British tourist arrested after being accused of raping British girl in Magaluf

The suspect was released on Monday after testifying before a judge and claiming the encounter was consensual. The two British tourists, both in their 20s, met while partying in Punta Ballena on Friday night, according to judicial sources. They left a party to go to the hotel where the man was staying and according to the alleged victim’s version of events, the sexual assault then took place.

The young woman told Spanish police she had no memory of the events once inside the hotel and that when she regained consciousness, she found the man on top of her.

Hours later, the alleged victim went to the Guardia Civil barracks to file the complaint.

There, she provided physical details of the suspect, as well as the location of the hotel where the events took place.

Several officers visited the hotel and arrested the young man the allegation had been made against.

On Monday, he was taken to court to face a judge, and claimed the sexual relations he had with the complainant were consensual.

After evidence had been gathered by investigators, the prosecutor did not request the accused be sent to prison.

The judge released him pending an ongoing inquiry.

The popular holiday destination of Magaluf lies 28km from Palma Airport on the southwest coast of Majorca.

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