Britons should pack bed sheet for beach holiday 'if they don't like sand' – 'genius' hack

Buzz Bingo shared some of the most essential summer heatwave hacks, including the “fitted sheet trick” for a trip to the beach.

If holidaymakers are heading to the beach this summer, either in the UK or abroad, “you need to pack a fitted sheet, instead of a beach towel which gets covered in sand,” experts at Buzz Bingo said.

They explained: “Lay out and put items in each corner of your fitted sheet, creating a box-like structure that keeps all the sand out.”

Many TikTokers have shared this hack on the social media platform with many users, including @valrangel, saying “this is so smart”.

TikTok user @savmireles_ added: “Why is this so smart?!”

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Another one, @jacquay11, commented: “Game changer.”

“This is genius,” said Alma Franco.

@wach672836372& commented this was perfect “if you don’t like sand”.

“For future reference because I don’t like sand getting everywhere,” said @not.izzy.meier.


Many holidaymakers have this problem, especially when visiting new places abroad in hot weather countries.

The experts advised: “Head to the baby section in your local supermarket and pick up some liquid talc, easy to apply and can be popped in your handbag.

“The product acts as a moisture barrier to prevent that uncomfortable agitating feeling we all know too well.”

They also advised holidaymakers to go for cotton pyjamas and avoid sleeping naked.

“Whilst you might be tempted to strip off before you sleep, don’t!

“Sleeping in pyjamas, especially cotton ones, has proven to assist in regulating your temperature by allowing the skin to breathe.

“They also absorb any sweat throughout the night.”

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