BT rival proves why you are paying far too much for your broadband, check your bill now

If you want speedy broadband then BT and Virgin Media offer some of the best internet access in the UK. Both of these Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will let customers – who have full fibre in their streets – access the web at around 1Gbps. This latest technology allows a full HD movie to be downloaded in around 40 seconds – that’s 14 times faster than the UK average.

It’s all impressive stuff but supercharging your broadband is not exactly cheap with both Virgin and BT charging over £50 per month for the privilege of having these quicker downloads beamed into homes. The best BT deals mean you can get things half-price at the minute which means you’re treated to the first three months for £27.99 but customers then pay the full price for the rest of the contract.

That’s very expensive and things look even more pricey when you compare it to one of their rivals. Community Fibre, which supplies large swathes of London, has slashed the price of its 1Gbps speeds to its lowest ever.

This means you can get those epic downloads for just £25 per month. Incredibly, that’s actually cheaper than the £28.99 BT charges for basic 36Mbps speeds.


Community Fibre 1,000Mbps • NOW £25 per month – WAS £49
INCLUDES: Fast 1Gbps downloads, free installation, free Linksys Tri-band router, unlimited data
CONTRACT: 24 months

Of course, one of the issues with this offer is that it’s only available in a limited number of homes with Community Fibre currently supplying around 500,000 properties across the capital. This is expected to grow to around 3.7million in the future.

If you are one of the lucky ones you’ll find the deal here with the price cut lasting for 18 months.

Although this low price isn’t available outside of London it is worth shopping around as there are plenty of other smaller providers that usually offer much quicker downloads at much cheaper prices.

For example, Hyperoptic is offering its fast 1GB broadband from £30 and there are other ISPs such as Toob also dishing out 900Mbps speeds for just £25.

If your current contract is up, do some research about your local area and who is supplying broadband in your street as you might be surprised by how much you can save whilst getting faster speeds.

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