C Murder Release Date | Here’s What We Know So Far

C Murder
C Murder

More popularly known as C Murder, Rapper Corey Miller was sentenced to life in prison after the jury unanimously found him guilty.

So, it’s been ten years since the incident, and he still adamantly insists on his innocence. And with two key witnesses retracting their statements, a new trial could be forthcoming.

Who is C-Murder?

Corey Miller, who performs under C Murder’s stage name, is an American rapper born in March 1971. He grew up in the Calliope Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. And he Masters P’s brother and Silkk The Shocker’s twin brother.

He has released three on his brothers’ massively successful No Limit Records among nine solo albums. That album, which came out in 1998, has been bought over a million times.

Why is C-Murder in jail?

The rapper C Murder was convicted of the accusations and received a life sentence in 2009. They found him guilty of killing 16-year-old Steven Thomas back in 2002 at a Louisiana nightclub.

At the moment, the 49-year-old is in Elayn Hunt Correctional Center.

Despite the accused’s plea of innocence, his lawyer’s appeals of the conviction have been unsuccessful. So, he is still in prison.

When is C-Murder’s release date?

After Miller gets his sentence to life in prison, he will not be able to leave without providing proof that he is not at fault for the crimes they accuse him of. For the time being, his release date is still unknown.

The controversy around the people he allegedly coerced came to a head in 2018 when two of the people Miller had forced to testify recanted their statements. So, both claimed it drove them into testifying against Miller by law enforcement.

Kenneth Jordan is the first witness and he is making a statement. So, I know that the individual I saw shot the gun was not Corey Miller. The second witness, Darnell Jordan, affirmed that Corey Miller was not the one who shot Steve Thomas.

According to his lawyer, it will establish Kanye West’s innocence in court. His girlfriend, Kim Kardashian – who has a law degree and just graduated from college in 2020 – is looking into Miller’s trial. Miller, his brother, and his nephew all say that he has the potential for a new trial and that he is guilty. However, no proof of it. So we don’t know yet.

Where is C-Murder now?

C Murder (real name Corey Miller) is currently incarcerated in Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana. He’s serving a life sentence without parole after they accuse him of second-degree murder for shooting 16-year-old Steve Thomas to death at a Harvey, Louisiana, nightclub on 12th March 2002. So currently he is still in prison.

Lawyer fighting for C-Murder

You might not know, but the famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian is fighting for him. She’s a lawyer, she attends and practices for years, doing it for a living. To prove he was not responsible for the crime, Kim Kardashian agree to start working with Monica and the REFORM Alliance. The former is someone that C Murder has dated in the past. While the latter is an organization working to free those falsely imprisoned by the criminal justice system. Kim Kardashian is on top of the situation and is doing her best. So she can help release her husband from jail.


After the case went cold for a couple of years, many people try to solve the puzzle. Witnesses stated that they were coerced into claiming that the defendant, C Murder, pulled the trigger and shot the victim, Steven Thomas. In 2018, one individual named Kenneth Jordan stated that the shooter he witnessed wasn’t C Murder.

What is C-Murder famous for?

Similarly, rappers play a significant role in the American music industry, as evident in Corey Miller, who goes by C-Murder. Born on 9th March 1971, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the rapper is at his best when rapping in the hip-hop genre. So currently, the artist is 50 years old.

Does C-Murder Get Parole?

The rapper known as C Murder is eligible for parole in March of 2017. But what’s happening since he is in jail? So, let’s take a look.

The Best Way to Follow His Progress

If you’re like us, you were probably as shocked as anyone to hear that C Murder has been granted a new trial. It doesn’t matter if you think he was guilty or innocent; being incarcerated for 15 years is no joke. He’s applying for many appeals, and his legal team is working hard to secure his freedom again. But it is not an easy ride. If you want to stay up-to-date on how things progress in his case, follow our advice below. The best way to keep tabs on him is through social media.

What Is Likely To Happen Next?

They accuse C Murder of second-degree murder and are sentenced to life in prison. But they also suspect him for least two other murders. According to Vice’s Motherboard, an online publication that covers tech and digital culture news with a focus on social justice issues, it seems likely that C Murder will continue to be charged for his alleged crimes.

Final Thoughts

According to a source speaking with XXL Magazine, C Murder was going to release in 2016. While his lawyers have made many unsuccessful attempts to win his release on early parole, they are confident he will be released soon. It has been 14 years since they charge C Murder with murdering 16-year-old Steve Thomas outside a nightclub in New Orleans.


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