Can Bingo Online Games be Addictive?


Bingo games can be incredibly addictive. Anything that involves gambling can be addictive to players, people should always be aware of the dangers that come with playing bingo.

Signs of Addiction

Addiction is a terrible thing, it can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The signs of addiction can vary from person to person, although there are several clear signs which indicate that a person is addicted to bingo and needs urgent care.

  1. Impatient and rude when not playing – Being temperamental when not playing bingo is a major sign of addiction. Anytime that a player lashes out and feels angry when they are not playing is a bad sign.
  2. Ignoring personal life – If a player is placing bingo ahead of friends and family then it may be time to consider that they are addicted. Although bingo is a fun game, it shouldn’t come between any personal relationships.
  3. Financial difficulties – One of the biggest red flags is when a player finds that they have run into financial difficulties due to bingo playing. Any sort of financial issue can be hugely stressful but when coupled with gambling addiction the pressure can become immense.

Addictive Bingo Games?

Believe it or not but bingo can actually be an incredibly addicting game. Although it may not encourage players to spend the same amount of cash as other casino games, it can still be very costly for those who become addicted. Bingo is addictive for a few reasons, the main reason is that it is easily accessible whilst having a misconception that it is completely harmless. Bingo addiction can be just as dangerous as other forms of gambling addiction. Bingo addiction can lead to many issues and not just with your finances either. Addiction can hurt those closest to you. Bingo is still a form of gambling at the end of the day, gambling of any form can be extremely dangerous if left unchecked.

How to seek Help

There is no denying that online bingo is incredibly addictive. For those who are addicted, know that it is nothing to be ashamed of and there are several ways for you to seek help.

  • One of the easiest ways for any addicted player to seek help is by simply talking to someone, it doesn’t matter if it is your friend, your parents, spouse etc. The simple act of talking to someone about these issues is very important.
  • Using online sites such as gamblers anonymous can be hugely helpful for addicted players. They will offer all support you need to fight addiction and hold you to account. Websites like gamblers anonymous also use discretion, so even if you are having trouble admitting you have an issue to friends and family there is still a great way to seek help.


Despite its innocuous nature, bingo can be incredibly addictive. There are several signs that players should look out for while playing that indicate addiction such as increased irritability and financial irresponsibility.

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