'Cheeky & hilarious' Kate & William make waves with younger generation in resurfaced pics

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were not shy of partying in their younger years, as resurfaced pictures show the pair dancing in nightclubs and smiling in the back of taxis. The compilation of pictures went viral on TikTok, receiving over 600,000 likes.

User @danideeeeee1 captioned the video “party hard… like normal young people”.

And royal expert Daniela Elser labelled the images “cheeky and hilarious”.

Writing for news.com.au, she added that “William and Kate look like the epitome of wonderfully messy, cocktail-guzzling 20-somethings”.

Kate and William got to know each other at St Andrew’s University in Scotland where they studied in 2001.

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And the pair were often spotted enjoying the student lifestyle, with pictures showing the pair dancing in clubs and having fun with friends.

Until the Duke and Duchess graduated, the pair were often out of the limelight, as Ms Elser notes “the press had agreed to leave William alone while he was studying, meaning that aside from only the very, very occasional blurry shot, they lived a pretty normal life”.

Fans lapped up the resurfaced images, with one user writing: “They certainly enjoyed their university days.”

Another added: “How is she so photogenic! These are the roughest pictures of her in existence and she still looks like a flipping goddess!”

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A third said: “It’s nice to see them happy and relaxed.”

While a fourth chimed in: “Couples that party together, stay together”.

It is unclear when the images were taken, but the couple appear to be in their 20s.

The 20-second video shows the pair “a galaxy away from the staid, sober marrieds they are today”.

Kate and William moved in together as students, with her becoming his first “official” girlfriend.

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