China invades Taiwan’s territory in military exercises in response to Pelosi’s visit

The military drills were announced by Chinese state media with a picture of a map being tweeted identifying the areas being used for such exercises. The move from Beijing comes after US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called Taiwan “one of the freest societies in the world”.

The self-ruled island has thanked Ms Pelosi for her visit which marks her as the highest-ranking US official to visit in 25 years.

According to the Defence Ministry, the military exercises by China have amounted to a blockade of Taiwan’s sea and air space.

The Defence Ministry in Taiwan said that China has broken rules implemented by the United Nations and added that it would counter any breaches of its territory.

The MoD (Ministry of Defence) added that Beijing has adopted psychological warfare and encouraged those to report “fake news” to the authorities.

Ms Pelosi’s comments have infuriated Beijing after they warned her not to visit without repercussions from China.

Ms Pelosi said: “So now we look forward to our conversation about how we can work together, learning from you and sharing some thoughts ourselves on how to protect the planet from the climate crisis, how to accelerate and learn from you, how you address the Covid crisis, how we advance respect for all of the people in our countries as we go forward.”

She continued: “And again, we come in friendship, we thank you for your leadership, we want the world to recognize that.”

Taiwan’s Deputy Speaker gave thanks to the Speaker for her visit and for the United States providing “rock-solid support”.

He added that the visit demonstrates “the strongest defence and consolidation of the value of democracy and freedom”.

Officials from the White House have stated that the trip to Taiwan is in line with the US policy towards Taiwan and warned Beijing not to escalate its response.

The US also warned China against using Ms Pelosi’s visit as reason to undertake military action against Taiwan, which it considers part of its territory and has never ruled out using force to control it as such.

China’s retaliation began early on Wednesday morning before Ms Pelosi’s private meeting with Taiwanese Parliament as it banned imports of citrus fruit, mackerel and chilled white striped hairtail from Taiwan.

The Speaker of the House landed in Taipei on Tuesday, the same day Beijing’s ambassador to London warned the US that “those playing with fire will get burned”.

He added that the visit was a “highly dangerous trick” which “seriously violated” the highly considered “One China” belief meaning that Taiwan cannot be treated by the US as independent.


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