China 'only knows use of force' and Pelosi visit shows 'two value systems now colliding'

Taiwan’s representative in Germany has warned that China “only knows use of force” and will misinterpret the visit to Taiwan by the US Speaker of the House which shows “two value systems now colliding”. Jhy-Wey Sheih added that Ms Pelosi’s visit has escalated tensions because she is now the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan in 25 years.

The representative also added that Germany’s economy could even be impacted by such events and “Germans would have to kneel down and beg”.

In an interview with WirtschaftsWoche, the expert explained how Ms Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which began on Tuesday, has increased tensions.

Jhy-Wey Shieh said: “Ms Pelosi is US Speaker of the House, she is formally the third highest person in the US.

“But when he visits Taiwan now, she is not tied to the American administration, to the government.”

He continued: “The Chinese, however, have a dictatorship, they do not know this separation of powers.

“They only know the use of force. US President Biden, however, does not have to tell Ms Pelosi whether or not to visit. Two value systems are now colliding.”

Ms Pelosi touched down in Taiwan despite warnings from China not to do so which sees Taiwan as part of its territory.

Taiwan’s representative in Germany noted that such a belief held by the People’s Republic of China is “fake news” as China has not ruled Taiwan since its creation in 1949.

However, the belief held by China has been compared to Russia’s belief that Ukraine is part of Russia’s territory.

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Pelosi also defiantly told the Taiwanese Parliament that her visit “honours America’s unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant democracy”.

Jhy-Wey Shieh warned that Europe cannot see Taiwan under Chinese control due to the specific imports from the region used in the majority of products manufactured and used in Europe.

He said: “The Europeans cannot afford to have Taiwan, with its entire semiconductor industry and supply chains, fall under Chinese control.

“The Chinese would create blackmail opportunities from this. Then the Germans and others would have to kneel and beg to get the components from China.”

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