Cristiano Ronaldo transfer twist as agent wants to 'facilitate' two deals for Man Utd exit

Ten Hag has conceded that it is not ideal to have Ronaldo back in training with just two weeks remaining until the Premier League season begins. 

“Concerned is maybe not the right word. I focus on the players who are there, they are doing really well, they are in good shape. I prefer to focus on that and develop that. I cannot wait for him to come in, then we will integrate him,” the Dutchman told journalists. 

“You have to accept it as a manager, as a team, and you have to take the best out of it, and that is what we did. I think it’s great for team spirit to be together for so long together, you can really improve that, develop that, you have a lot of time to work on your team, because you are so close together. That is great, I would say.

“It’s brilliant to be in great cities like Bangkok, Melbourne, Perth. There are disadvantages, it is clear, but you have to deal with certain things that are decided when you don’t have influence. When you have influence it’s only on the game – that is our focus point.”

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