Daily horoscope for August 3: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

When the Moon is in airy Libra, the mood is social and collaboration and empathy come a lot more naturally. Today makes for a good time to entertain, work in a team, or declutter a space as Libra’s balanced and cooperative energy will help things run a little more seamlessly. But be mindful of this afternoon’s planet positioning stirring unnecessary apprehension. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for August 3.

Despite being known for being more action-orientated, squares are astrological aspects that also tend to be more hot-headed.

When formed, squares often suggest conflict and tension are present between the two planets in the same mode (cardinal, fixed, or mutable), and are positioned at 90 degrees from each other, according to Well and Good.

Today, serene Venus will form a square with the dreamy Moon and this can often stir “tensions” and “friction” with ideas, according to ifate.

Intuition, habits, dreams, the subconscious, and emotions are all attributed to the Moon, whereas attraction, harmony, art, relationships, beauty, love, and enthusiasm are all attributes to Venus.

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When positioned in a square, you might experience tensions form between these specific areas.

ifate said: “The significance of the Moon square to Venus in a chart is that the Moon’s dreamlike influence of intuition, subconscious and imagination creates tension with Venus’ graceful influence of art, beauty and love to some degree.”

Today’s Moon-Venus square “points to some restlessness or divided needs and wants”, according to Cafe Astrology.

It continued: “There could be clashes between our desire for familiarity and appetite for pleasure or companionship, for example.”

“The overriding theme is the need to achieve in order to build personal security.”

This aspect is one of the more positive and supportive energies of the transits.

ifate said: “The meaning of the Moon trine to Saturn is that the Moon’s dreamlike radiance of subconscious, intuition and imagination” can “support and enhance Saturn’s banded radiance of obligation, restriction and discipline.”

However, you might notice a shift just before midnight when communicative Mercury enters Virgo.

Take this time to focus on yourself, as Astrology.com said this period will: “ask you to embrace personal transformation and new ways of thinking throughout the next several weeks.”

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