DEAL OF THE DAY: Currys launches new Price Lock scheme saving £450 off appliances

Currys is the UK’s leading tech retailer and has recently launched the 2021 Price Lock scheme. With prices rising across the UK, the new scheme will allow shoppers to buy top appliances without any inflated cost.

Currys is freezing prices across essential and popular home tech appliances like washer dryers, coffee machines, freezers, laptops, TVs and more with the new Price Lock scheme.

To help combat rising inflation costs, Currys will be keeping products at its lowest 2021 price, and held for 30 days, saving shoppers hundreds of pounds.

They will find prices locked on 17 categories and the list will be reviewed and added to every month.

According to Currys, 68 percent of Brits rely on technology for their day-to-day living so having affordable essential tech appliances is a top priority for customers.

Ed Connolly, Chief Commercial Officer at Currys comments: “We exist to help everyone enjoy amazing technology, and part of that is making it as accessible and affordable as possible. That’s why we’re launching Price Lock today, freezing the prices on some of our most essential, popular and best-selling items to their 2021 prices or lower.”

There is also a 12 month pay delay so customers can buy products with flexible credit and pay no interest when the full balance is due.

This means that customers can purchase a basket with multiple items that totals to £99 or more.

In addition, Currys is also relaunching Cash for Trash after a trial in March and from today onwards, any customer that comes in store with old, broken or unused tech can swap it for a voucher worth £5 or more.

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