Dior Lip Glow Oil – Review Swatches and Comparison

dior lip glow oil
dior lip glow oil Review

The dior lip glow oil family has recently grown, so I wanted you to meet their new arrival, the Lip Glow Oils. This luxurious new formula combines the shine of a gloss, the feel of a balm, and the comfort of an oil. Knowing my lip gloss love affair from last year, so many of you had messaged me about these and wanted to see them in action. I’ll be switching four of the eight shades and also comparing the finish and feel to their original Lip Glow Balms and Lip Maximizer Glosses. Now, the premise of their dior lip glow oil products is that they change color and respond to the natural color and hydration of your lips.

So my flat filming format might be a bit tricky to convey the true color, but you can definitely see them in action elsewhere. And given that everyone’s lip color is different, they’ll all look different on us anyway. To me, the Lip Glow Oil is a perfect hybrid between a gloss and a lip oil. A gloss usually feels slightly thicker. A dior lip glow oil is a bit lighter, so this walks that line perfectly. It’s not sticky or greasy. I describe the thickness as medium—not too thick, not too thin—so it feels very comfortable. My lips look and feel luscious and juicy with these on, and I love the minty vanilla taste. I wasn’t sure how well the colour reviver technology would work in oil form compared to their usual Lip Glow Balm, but it does respond to the natural colour of your lips and the moisture level in your lips, apparently, and brightens up as you wear it.

In terms of hydration, they feel lovely while they’re on the lips, but the effect isn’t lasting. So I wouldn’t apply these when my lips actually need nourishment. But I love the look and feel of a balmy gloss. Luxurious formula aside, my favorite feature of the Lip Glow Oils is actually this amazing doe foot applicator. I always like a large doe foot that glides over the lips and spreads quite easily. But this is the biggest, widest, most cushiony, plush doe foot I’ve ever seen. It feels incredible on the lips, like you’re reapplying your gloss with a curved cloud. It tends to pick up most of the product on the tip, so I dab that onto the lips first, then spread out the product with the flatter side. Let’s get switching.

One Pink is the brand’s signature Lip Glow shade, a pretty light baby pink that feels feminine and fresh. I’m not usually a pink lip person, but this shade is soft and delicate, and I love how youthful it looks on my lips. quite sheer here, but it does brighten up a bit when it’s s on my Coral is a shade that runs through several of their dior lip glow oil product lines, as you’ll see later. This looks like a vibrant orange in the tube, but it goes on very sheer and has a tiny touch more peach to it than the pink above. It’s a very transparent pinky coral on the lips, not as orange as it appears in the tube.

One cherry is the only red in the dior lip glow oil range. It’s quite a delicate cherry red, definitely on the hot pink side rather than being a true bold red. And the colour is slightly more noticeable than coral and pink, so this would look beautiful. Lay it over. a dior lip glow oil red lipstick. Six Berry is the deepest shade in the range, much darker in the tube than the others. That really purple berry comes across, so I was actually a bit surprised when this turned out to be quite a hot pink, almost a fuchsia shade on me instead of a berry, but it definitely has the most obvious tint. Have a look at that high shine. It really catches the light beautifully, but doesn’t feel sticky on the lips.

There’s no shimmer in these four shades, but the way the light reflects makes my lips look more full. But how does the new formula compare to the original dior lip glow oil? This cult favourite colour revival bomb has been around for years and is often found in the makeup bags of top models and Hollywood stars. This formula creates a flush of colour by reacting to the natural colour of your lips, and it’s enriched with mango butter for a comfortable feel. But to be honest, I don’t use this one as a lip balm or treatment.

It has a slightly sticky, thick texture to me, and it’s not something I find particularly nourishing, so I treat it as more of a sheer lipstick or tinted balm to wear when my lips are already in good condition. But I just want a bit of colour without going all out. One Pink Glow is their most famous shade, a classic light pink. You can see it in action in my dior lip glow oil video and my Miranda Kerr makeup bag video. You can see the finish on this is much more matte than glossy, but still quite luminous. Four Coral Glow is a much brighter shade with a nice, refreshing summery tone. When I first bought this, I thought it would be more of an orange tint on the lips, like the Bullet, but for a sheer formula, it’s quite a bold coral, not as subtle as you might expect.

I did it Dior Lip Glow Oil

Anyway. So I did it. I got the olive oil, and I’m very excited. And I’m going to show you all some triangles for the first time. So we got this from John Lewis, and itcosts £28, which is kind of expensive for oliveoil, but it’s beyond and I really wanted it. So this is just a bag; this is just the packaging. It’s pretty basic, just shiny. And I got it at one o’clock. It’s shiny, so you can hardly see. Ignore that. Isn’t she gorgeous? She is an absolutely gorgeous color. I am obsessed. Let’s see if it has a scent, because I bought the Niva Elipsoils not that long ago and I couldn’t stand the scent. I just hated it. It just didn’t like it. So fingers crossed, out like this because it was a little bit more expensive. doesn’t really have a sense. So that’s kind of good because personally, I’m not a fan of, like,  I’m not a fan I don’t want to wait on any of the products. She is cute.

Oh, my God. There’s nothing on my lips. Probably a little bit of foundation, but yeah. Okay, we’re zooming again. This is awkward. Okay, there’s nothing in my teeth. Now imagine. This is so nerve wracking.Okay, well, you’re done. She’s a little bit more sticky than the Clarence one, but I am obsessed. It looks so shiny. Look at this. Let’s zoom out a bit. We don’t need to see me that close for too long. But, yeah, I am obsessed. She’s definitely stickier than the Clarence one. The Clarence one does feel more oily, I guess, but I love the color. It’s quite, like, very, very natural. Very nice. I like that it doesn’t have a scent. My Clarine’s has a scent; I got it in April and it has a scent.I don’t really like scented makeup products because I have sensitive skin, so whenever I smell like scented makeup products, I’m just like, “Oh no, I will react to this.” So I’ll see how long it lasts and stuff because it’s very unscented, which I like. But so far, I’m really liking this.

And I think the packaging is so cute as well. Just look at her. I am obsessed. I’m just going to be looking at you like that all day. Whether she’s worth $28, I don’t know, but I quite like it. It’s a very nice little luxury. So, yeah, I do like her. and I’m really excited that I’ve got this. And I think it does look really, really good. I really like it. The consistency, I’d say, is like a less sticky version of the Fenty Beauty one because the Fenty Beauty lipo, not lip oil, is very, very sticky. Now, it looks good, but it is very sticky. This is kind of sticky, like, oh, my gosh, did you hear that? I don’t know if you can hear it, but it does have proper lipstick. I love it. So, yeah, you get it for £28 at Boots. We got it from John Lewis. She is very, very cute. I do like her. If you all try the other colors, if you can find them in stock, because they just never seem to be in stock, I know that the clear ones are in stock, but I kind of wanted one that had a little bit of colour to it.

I do like those bubbles inside. I don’t know if that’s meant to happen, but there are bubbles inside of it. Who knows? Anyway, it looks good. I think you’re definitely paying for the package in the name. But out of the lip oils, I’ve personally not tried that many. I’ve tried the Chirons one and the Nivia one. This is definitely my favorite, just in terms of packaging and how it looks on me. I do want to try the current one in more colours because I’ve only got it in apricot at the moment, and that’s quite a bright one. I kind of want to try it like a cherry because I feel like apricot is a bit too orange for me. But yeah, this is perfect for me. I was a little bit worried it would look a little bit light and a little bit weird on me, maybe wash me out. But I definitely think, yeah, she’s nice. She’s cute. So personally, I’d recommend it. I’ll also hold it in my hand for you. Usually I don’t like swatching things on my hand because I have an axle on my hand. I’m worried about any of the product going anywhere. That’s what she looks like on my hand. You can see there is the slightest bit of color, but I definitely just feel like it looks like your lips better. That’s kind of what it looks like on my hand.

I’m obviously very pale, but yeah, you can just see it’s got the slightest color, and it is very shiny. I love stuff. I think it’s cute. I am actually very happy with this, and if I was to rate it out of like ten, I’d probably say nine. The nine is because it is a little bit pricey. I think it would be ten if it was cheaper. I think it is pricey, but I do recognise it if I send it to you, so it’s like it’s going to be pricey, isn’t it? But yeah, she’s cute. I love the packaging. The packaging is definitely a turnoff. I think it’s cute for it to go around. It’s easy to put in your bag as well. I really like the color. You’re not getting much color. That’s what you’re after. I think there are some darker ones, but I think they only had this one, the clear one, and Bros wooden stock. But yeah, this is the colour I wanted anyway, so I’m happy. colour is perfect for me. Applicator. I think a lot of lipo applicators are similar. This is quite similar to the currents one. I’d say it’s a little bit spicier than the Clarence one.

The Clarence one seemed a little bit more flexible. But overall, I probably prefer this one’s and the car as well. Yeah, overall, I’m very, very happy with it. If you want to check out more videos from things that I bought because of TikTok, I have a few videos of them. I buy everything I see on TikTok, pretty much. So, yeah. I hope you like this video. If you want to see more videos of me, like reviewing makeup or reviewing things I bought on TikTok, let me know and check out my other videos. It’d be really cool. Have a great day. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, I would recommend that.They also released a limited edition Dior ManiaLip Glow in the classic shade one pink glow with the Dior logo mania monogram. In case any of you are hardcore collectors, I also wanted to bring in the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Gloss to see how this formula compares to the new Lip Glow Oil. Their Lip Maximizer is a best-selling gloss brought back into the spotlight when Bella Hadid fronted their 2019 campaign. This formula is nonsticky, nice, and shiny and is known for its lip plumping effect. Sadly, I don’t really notice any lip plumping. Let me know if you do.

Regardless, I love the mint taste and comfortable feel. Hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients. So what’s the difference between the Lip Maximizer and the Dior Lip Glow Oil? Oil. The oil definitely has the gloss covered. In terms of shine, it has a far more eye-catching wet look. I also find the Lip Glow Oil much more balmy, light, and comfortable on the lips, too. One Pink is a great, simple light pink gloss that doesn’t have the same baby pink look as the Lip Glow Balm. This is just a very soft, subtle pink. It’s almost clear, but there’s the slightest, softer rose petal tint there. Four-Coral has a more orange gloss. None of these formulas is highly pigmented.

They’re definitely designed to give you that sheer wash of colour on the lips. But this tangerine is certainly more obvious than the pink shade above. Rosewood is a beautiful, subtle redwood that looks natural and sophisticated. There’s also a rosewood lip glow oil. It looks beautiful. That’s next on my wish list. And you’ve also recently released a rosewood lip glow balm for the first time ever recently.Let me know if you’ve tried either of those new Rosewood formulas. To finish, let’s compare the two colours I have across all three formulas side by side. Here’s one pink in the Lip Glow oillip glow balm, and one in the Lip Maximizer gloss. You can see the balm is strongest in the middle. Then the lip glow oil and the lip maximizer are the most faint.

Then there are the different textures—high shine, balmy, and regular shine. Let’s take a look at four corals. Next are the lip glow oil, lipglow balm, and lip maximizer gloss. There is definitely far more variation between these three tones. The Lip Glow Oil still reads like a light pink, but the Lip Glow Balm is a bold coral, and the Lip Maximizer Cloth is more of a true orange. Which comfort and doe foot size formula would you prefer? I’m going with the Dior Lip Glow Oil. They’re my new favorite. Are you a lip glow lover? Let me know if you’ve tried the New Oil Formula and what you thought of it.

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