'Don't use!' Britons warned against vinegar cleaning chore during summer months

Online platform tombola warned Britons to refrain from cleaning the windows over the next few weeks. Why?

According to the experts, most people in the UK use vinegar to clean their windows.

The experts from tombola explained that vinegar “makes for a great natural substitute for cleaning windows as it is cheap and doesn’t streak”.

However, they warned that it can have the opposite effect if used in the summer.

“It’s best not to do it on a warm day as it could actually streak!” they said.

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“The sun could dry the cleaning solution before you’ve had a chance to get to it, leaving you with streaks on your not-so-gleaming windows.”

If the windows need to be washed regardless, people should opt for a squeegee to clean them faster and more efficiently on warm days.

The cleaning experts also recommended: “If you do choose to clean your windows on a very warm day, clean small surface areas at a time to avoid soap suds drying onto the glass.

“The best way to clean your windows with vinegar is to clean with one part hot water to one part distilled vinegar,” they advised.


Emma Reed, a blogger who specialises in eco-friendly cleaning, commented on the choice of natural solutions to clean the house.

She said: “Eco-cleaning is so simple and safe plus you can tailor each product to your own needs.

“If you keep your cleaning products simple you shouldn’t run into too many issues.

“However, there are a few things to consider,” she warned, such as using vinegar to clean the windows on a warm sunny day.

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