Dover CHAOS: 'Critical incident' sparks 'don't travel warning'–fury at French border staff

It was taking up to four hours to get to border control early this morning, according to reports. Port staff earlier today told travellers to allow extra time for their journeys, or, by some accounts, not to attempt to visit the Port at all.

The disruption has come on what would be the busiest summer getaway in years – perhaps the biggest since such records began in 2014, according to the RAC.

The organisation estimates that UK drivers could make close to 19 million trips between Friday and Monday.

Announcing delays at the Port of Dover, staff expressed their “deep frustration” at the “woefully inadequate” resources on the French side of the crossing.

The Port said in a statement: “Knowing we are now in a new world of post-Brexit and Covid checks, we worked to increase interim French border control booths by 50 percent and has improved traffic systems in order to build in resilience and capacity in time for the summer.

“We’ve been let down this morning despite the planning of the last several months to get ready for this day.

“This is causing major disruption. French border controls are not properly staffed.”

Public transport around the port has been heavily affected by the delays.

Stagecoach announced it is “unable to serve Dover at present” due to long traffic queues.

Despite the Port highlighting its own preparations in the expectation of a busy getaway period, many on social media have pointed the finger of blame not towards French authorities but at Brexit.

French writer Alex Taylor wrote in a post on Twitter: “Who’d have thought that when you ‘take back control’ of your borders, others might do the same?”

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