'Drive defensively': Motorists urged to make change to save on 'crippling' fuel costs

Thousands of drivers have already used fuel-saving methods to cut down on their petrol and diesel bills and increase their efficiency. Current RAC Fuel Watch data shows that drivers will be paying 182.69p per litre for petrol and 192.38p for diesel.

With prices still high, drivers are being advised to take notice of some simple tips to boost their fuel economy.

Firstly, the vehicle needs to be in optimal condition.

Cars are usually in their best condition after being serviced or an annual MOT test.

Some steps can be done at home which can save drivers money on further car issues and on petrol and diesel.

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Using the correct gear for the road conditions is recommended, with cruising and coasting in top gear possible.

Drivers should try to maintain momentum by being gentle on the throttle, and by avoiding rapid acceleration and sharp braking.

Researching the local filling stations can also be a big help to motorists as they will be able to travel straight to their cheapest option and not settle for more expensive options.

Andrew Watson, Managing Director of PetrolPrices, said: “The number of people taking advantage of the PetrolPrices app has rocketed. 

“We are now seeing an average of at least 100,000 users daily and, on our best day, more than 230,000 people used the app. 

“Motorists can easily download the PetrolPrices app where they can compare prices on their route before setting off, ensuring they pay the lowest price for their fuel.”

Six months ago, the PetrolPrices platform had an average user base of just 17,500 per day.

In recent weeks, the app has seen exponential growth, particularly at the beginning of June when prices were rising rapidly.

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