Dubai holidays: The hidden side of the popular destination – people ‘don’t really know’

Dubai is fast-becoming one of the UK’s top holiday destinations and just under 400,000 British tourists visited in 2020. HE Hala Badri, Director General of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority shared some news about Dubai’s less well-known attractions.

She told “We would love tourists to enjoy our beaches and our hospitality and our hotels, but we want them to know more about us.

“I want people in the UK to know that we’re very much like them and we have a lot to offer.

“A lot of people don’t know that the Dubai Government has over 2.2 million square feet of assets in terms of heritage sites, museums and cultural venues. That’s equivalent to 38 football pitches.”

HE Hala recommended that tourists looking to find out more about Dubai’s rich history pay a visit to the Al Shindagha Museum.

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She said: “It’s where our ruler was born, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and a lot of families lived there.

“We took the blueprint of these houses and we rebuilt them into one of the largest open air heritage museums.

“People used to come to Dubai and they’d experience great shopping, beautiful beaches and wonderful hospitality but they didn’t really know what our history is about.”

While Dubai has a relatively short history of just 50 years, it’s very culturally diverse and there’s plenty to uncover.


Dubai has 11 Michelin star restaurants with Il Ristorante and STAY both having a coveted two Michelin stars.

And when tourists have explored Dubai’s incredible heritage sites and eaten their way round its restaurants, there’s always the emirate’s stunning beaches to relax on.

Dubai’s high season is from November to April when the temperature is comfortable at around 25 degrees.

To find out more about Dubai’s cultural and culinary offerings visit

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