Erik ten Hag’s trust in Man United squad made clear by transfer policy

“Ten Hag I think if he wants Ronaldo to play, he is going to have to get it across to him that’s the job: ‘I don’t want you racing around, but make sure we make the opposition predictable’,” Robson told ESPN.

“You don’t have to be over-enthusiastic with your pressing to be a good player to block things off, if you say to him ‘When you go to the right-sided centre-half, make sure it doesn’t go to the left, so stand in the way, now we know where the ball is going to go’.

“That’s what he has to do, he has to be clever in his closing down. You don’t have to run 100mph and close people down to be a good presser of the ball, you have to stop it going into the areas to go past people.”

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