EU migration system farce as police find passports faked and sold with false permits

The Spanish National Police, in collaboration with the Turkish police, has arrested 90 people who distributed false documents on Tuesday. The organisation captured customers through social networks in Spain, once they received half of the payment for the document, they manufactured it in Istanbul and the rest of the payment was paid before shipment, within seven days.

They offered different documents; passports for 1,000 euros, residence permits for 750 euros, Schengen visas for 500 euros and circulation permits for 350 euros, for which benefits for the organisation are estimated to exceed 1,000,000 euros.

The arrests have occurred in 26 provinces and they are accused of belonging to a criminal organisation, false documents, crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, usurpation of civil status and against traffic safety.

The agents have seized 71 false documents, 4,300 euros in cash, various electronic devices and various documentation.

It is not the first time scammers trying to circumvent the system have been arrested in the bloc.

In August 2021 50 Filipinos were caught in Ibiza, Spain with fake passports and fake Schengen visas.

Last October, four people were arrested and sentenced to a six-month jail by the Dubai Criminal Court after being accused of forging their visas, bank statements and other documents to enter the bloc.

Last month, eight people were arrested in Greece for printing fake travel documents after a Europol investigation which began in March 2021.

The operation found that smugglers were facilitating the illegal entry of migrants in the bloc from Egypt.

Over 360 forged documents were seized including 153 fake passports, 156 ID cards and 42 residence permits.

A statement from Europol at the time read: “The investigation, initiated in March 2021, targeted a criminal network involved in document fraud and migrant smuggling and identified 14 suspected members of the group, mainly nationals of African countries.

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Once the client contacts the network through social networks, they ask for their phone number so that they could contact the manufacturers of the false documents.

The Spanish police estimated that the organisation behind today’s arrests has managed to introduce more than 700 packages with false documentation into our country, which is why the organisation could have generated profits of more than a million euros.

Among the 71 false documents seized were identity documents, passports, driving licenses and residence permits from Spain (26), France (9), Italy (8), Belgium (9), Germany ( 1), Hungary (10), the Netherlands (1), Switzerland (1), Bulgaria (3), Morocco (2) and Algeria (1).

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