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Evry jewels
Evry jewels

Hi guys, it’s Emma, and welcome back to Evry jewels.  I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on how to stack your necklaces. And I’m also going to give you some examples of different ways you can stack your necklaces. So this is just a fun video to show you some examples and get you started on staffing necklaces. Because of this, I had a really difficult time figuring out what worked together and what didn’t.

About Evry jewels necklaces

So this is me spilling all the secrets and helping you get a jump start and not have that weird period where you don’t really know what you’re doing right before you figure out what you are doing. So this is like skipping straight ahead to looking absolutely fabulous. a little disclaimer. Everything I say, you can choose to ignore. You don’t mind if you don’t like the way I do something, do you? and you will always look your best. So I’m going to start out with just some general tips and tricks, and then I’m going to get into showing you different sets of stocks and different examples of products that we have on the website. So, first and foremost, unless you’re wearing two necklaces, as I am right now, you should always pair your necklaces in odd numbers. So three, five, seven, and then it’s up to you. I personally think three is the perfect number personally. But obviously, you do it, and it’ll look amazing. Obviously, all of these rules also have some exceptions, which I will get into later.

And then next up, you always want to put your Evry jewels necklace on from the shortest down because then you can kind of see how much space you’re working with. And that also goes with making sure you know what kind of length of a collar or neckline you’re working with. If you have a lower-plunging top, it’s easier to see how much space you’re working with. So you work from the top down, and then you can kind of see from there. And if you’re wearing something with a higher neck, sometimes it’s more fun to have a necklace on the top and then one on the bottom.


So you can fill up the space however you want and however you think it looks best. And then you might want to think about Athene; you’ll see later. I have some chunkier necklaces that are all paired together, as well as some more dainty necklaces. So keep everything in mind. If you have some rings that could match a gem, for example, For a necklace, I think that’s stunning. It’s so fun. It’s kind of like matching your purse to your shoes but in a different way. So if you want, you can keep that in mind. Finally, if your necklaces get tangled, as mine do, you should know that they don’t always lay flat and can look a little sloppy at the end of the day.

Evry jewels

And I have to spend like 20 minutes in the mirror making sure everything is fine. We have a layering clasp on the website. It’s literally so convenient. You can stack three little necklaces on it, and then they just lay perfectly all day. You don’t do anything. You can move your head around and move your neck around, and they’re not going to get tangled. It’s nearly impossible for them to become entangled, and then you can go about your business. You don’t have to worry about how my Evry jewels necklaces look. So those are the tips and tricks I have. You want to keep them in mind. While now I get into the various styles of stacking, which is really fun because there are so many different ways to pair your stuff, I just have fun with it. So first up, I call this the same but different.

Evry jewels Necklaces

So the main theme of this is that you take necklaces that are the same but, for example, they can differ in size or texture. And I think this is really fun when you’re starting out with a jewellery collection and you can just kind of grab necklaces that are all the same, but then you can wear them alone or pair them with different necklaces. And it’s just really, really simple because you don’t have to think too hard to find something that goes with each other. You can just pick three necklaces that are very similar, and they’ll always loop together. So first up, I have, like, these shining snakes that we have at every jewel. So we have 3.02.0 and the regular shining snake necklace. And these just look so beautiful together. They look very classy. And if you have a fancy event, I think pairings all together look really cool. These are just really perfect. They look amazing on their own, stacked together. And once you’ve done that—I almost forgot—you want your first necklace to be kind of like a choker or just slightly tighter so it’s easier to pair with the rest that may be longer. And Shining State 3.0 is absolutely perfect for that. If you put it at the tightest setting on the chain at the back, it just lays perfectly flat. Even if you have something with a higher neck, you’ll still see it, and I think it’s just perfect.

Evry jewels Jewelry Collection

These staple pieces that, as you build your Evry jewels jewelry collection, you’ll still go back to them. I think these are amazing. So this is the first pack, and it’s gorgeous. And all of the jewelry I’m about to show you is also available in silver. Go for my silver, girls. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry. Next up for the same but different vine that we’ve got going on, I like the link-up chains. These are all bigger link chains, and I think these are so cute, and I think they are perfect for a building block. You can always take one of these and start your stack, and then figure it out from there because you usually go with pretty much anything. So here’s a link-up that’s sort of like a smaller sister baby link-up. and they’re pretty similar. They are similar. They’re literally the smallest versions of each other. But then I also picked chains. It’s similar to a baby link-up. Just the links are a little thicker. So it’s kind of fun because it adds something a little different, but it’s all in the same family. So that’s kind of what I’m trying to get at. Just keep them looking similar. However, texture can be varied. You can even make some metals. and I’m going to talk about that later.

Evry jewels

So that’s it for this little set. Finally, I made a set of two necklaces just to show you how they look. And these evry jewels necklaces are the kind of twisting necklaces that we have roped up. And don’t get it twisted. So these are two very similar books. They’re a bit daintier, and I think these just look so cute together. You can always make one longer than the other, and they’ll always look good together like the others. You can also kind of pair the two previous ones that I’ve shown with others. So you could do one shining snake, one roped up, and one linked up, and they all look good and are simple to do. It’s similar to dressing up an outfit and not knowing what jewelry toy to wear. Simply choosing one of these will make you look ten times better and more put together. I like to pair those with a sweat set, and then you just run errands but stop jewelry. So it looks like she kind of got dressed up, but I just roll out of bed for my pajamas and some jewellery and am then ready to go for the day. So next up, we have what is called the classic set. This is two chains and an appendant. This is similar to how if you search for a necklace stock on Pinterest, this is what you’ll most likely see. It’s classic; it looks perfect every time.

About Chains

It’s really hard to mess up. And I think the biggest tip here is to play with textures. So get some thinner and thicker chains, some beads, and just the chain. Usually, you want your pendant to be the longest necklace because that will be the focal point, and that’s the statement because the little pendant gives something extra. So first up, I made a little chunkier set. Like I was saying, it’s kind of keeping with a theme. I think this would be really cute if you’re going to a party or going to dinner with friends. It’s very eye-catching, but I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. So, for our short and, like, top chain, I chose Baby Devil this Evry jewels necklace too. It just sits really nicely and tightly, so it kind of works perfectly. And you can just put “longer.” It’s easy to pair because you don’t have to worry about the length because it’s short and cute. So this is perfect. And then next up, I’m in the spirit of adding more textures and different textures.

I feel like beads are very underused. So this is Nico’s necklace. It’s kind of like gold pearls, if you will, or gold beads. and I think this is kind of unique. Usually, it’s just chains and stuff like that. So I think this is really fun and unique to put together with some chains. And then I recommend looking for pendants and collections that are a little longer because a lot of pendants are just on a really thin chain. So I recommend getting some with a thicker chain so you can mimic these looks. And so I wear the angel number necklace because I adore this chain. It’s so fun that it’s a bit thicker than most normal pendant chains. And this just works perfectly together. I think this is so cool. It’s adorable and kind of a bit less—I don’t want to say girly—but a little bit more out there. I don’t know; it’s just different vibes that I’m going for. And then on the second stack, it’s kind of like a 360. So I want a more girly vibe, like going out to dinner with your parents.

Evry jewels Business

Still not like a business setting, but a bit more girly and cute, which is what I came up with. So first up is the Hollywood necklace. This necklace is mine. It’s so cute. I love how it fits. I love all of these Evry jewels necklaces that just, like, lay flat because they don’t really get twisted or anything. So this is really cute. And again, it goes well with everything. I love her. Then I paired her up again. These are some pearls. This is a pearly necklace. And it’s really fun. It’s a lot of fun because the pearls aren’t all around. They’re kind of different shapes. So I think it adds something interesting, and it’s just not a string of probes, but sometimes you look a bit severe. But yeah, so that’s that for the second one. And then for the last one, I added a nameplate. This is also very cute. I think nameplates are fun. Because these necklaces are all untimed, it’s difficult for me to keep them together. But this is the bag that we’re going with. I love the nameplates. It doesn’t appear to be a pendant, but it is because all of these necklaces are slightly longer and will catch the eye. And this is the statement piece.

Evry jewels
Evry jewels


The pendant is the statement piece, sort of, if you will. So for the last set of statistics, I’m actually going to go and do something a bit more fun and a bit riskier, if you will, and we’re going to talk about mixing metals. I think mixing metals is super cool, and when it’s done right, it looks absolutely phenomenal. You just look like somebody who knows what they’re doing because I think it’s hard to mix metals, and when you do it well, you look like you know what you’re doing. So I’m going to give you some ideas for all of those girls who are, like, silver and gold. I love that. So first up, here’s where one of my rules gets broken because I have a necklace that looks like two necklaces, but I’m going to treat it as one because otherwise the rule is broken where you have to do it in even numbers. But I’m trying to get a pattern of, like, gold, silver, gold, silver. So that’s why it’s okay to break the rules here.

Everything has an exception, and it just looks so cute. First up, we have the Roman necklace. This is already stacked, so this is great to start off your collection because you only have to add the third necklace, and it looks great. So we’re going to treat it as one, but we’re going to add two more. So the first necklace we’re going to add is Shiny Snake 2.0, and it’s harder to see while flat, but it kind of falls in between these two strings of the Rome necklace, so it already looks super cool.

Last Words

Finally, we’re doing the Rum necklace for our top bit more choker-style necklace, which I think is super cute. So this is a really easy way to mix your metals, and it looks really put together. And this is kind of one of the instances where the even necklace number rule doesn’t really apply. I think creating a little color pattern with your Evry jewels jewelry is really fun and cute, and it’s an easy way to mix metals. So I did a two-necklace stack that I picked. I really like the look of having one tight necklace and one longer pendant. I think that looks really cute together because then you don’t really have to worry about making sure one is longer than the other.

This leaves enough space between the two that it looks cohesive. So, first and foremost, I opened the options, and I believe it has a bunch of little hearts all around it, and it’s really, really cute. I love her. And I added the Florence pendant. This pendant really goes well with anything. And I think it looks great with this matching. It’s cute, and it’s very simple, kind of like an everyday look for just trying to dip your toes into the metal mixing world. This is really fun and easy. And a tip: if you’re mixing metals, do it with all of your jewelry, not just one. So I think it kind of makes it look more cohesive. All right, guys, so that is all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this different style of video. If you have any additional jewelry-related tips or tricks, please leave them in the comments section below. Make sure you like it and subscribe.

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