Ex-No10 aide warns Tory members largely 'undecided' in race to replace Boris Johnson

Nick Timothy appeared on ITV’s Peston programme to discuss the ongoing Conservative Party leadership election. Mr Timothy, who worked as Theresa May’s Chief of Staff until she lost the Tory Party’s majority in the 2017 general election, claimed Conservative members remain grateful to Boris Johnson over Brexit but are not yet decided on who should succeed him.

He said: “I think it is true among voters overall [that] Boris’ actions were cratering Tory Party support.

“And I think among the members, and I am only saying this anecdotally, a large number of traditional Tory members were quite upset by what had been going on and I think their mood matched the public.”

However, he added: “There’s a subset of the Tory membership, some of whom just really like him as a personality, some of whom felt some gratitude over Brexit, who worry about whether Brexit is secure after he goes.

“But I think that is a subset, it is a minority.

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“And my perception at the moment is that there’s quite a significant number of Tory members who are undecided, they’re waiting for a debate and they will make their decision as the debate goes on over the month of August.”

In a recent YouGov opinion poll, Tory Party members appeared to lean towards the Foreign Secretary.

The survey found just 35 percent of members would support Mr Sunak and 54 percent would back Ms Truss.

The ex-Chancellor has also appeared to suggest he is the underdog going into the members’ round, despite finishing with the most support from Conservative colleagues in the Commons.

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Ms Mordaunt fell just eight votes short on 105.

The race to replace Mr Johnson will conclude on September 5 after weeks of hustings and TV debates across the country.

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