Flight attendant shares what people 'should never eat' on plane 'Avoid as much as you can'

Celina Bedding, who has been working as a flight attendant for years, said passengers should avoid tap water and plane food at all costs.

Celina explained: “For any passengers out there, whether you are a frequent flyer, an occasional flyer, seasonal flyer or will be a first-time flyer soon, I would like to say to you: NEVER drink tap water from the plane bathroom.

“Many studies have shown it’s not sanitary for drinking,” the flight attendant explained.

“You may have seen the sign already as most planes have it by the tap.

“You may have thought it’s just a way to get you to buy a drink.

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“But it’s actually for your own health,” she warned.

Celina said: “So definitely do not drink tap water on a plane.”

In terms of food, the crew member advised people “to avoid plane food as much as you can”.

She explained plane food, especially the most popular hot dishes including ham and cheese toasties and other pre-made sandwiches, contains an enormous amount of salt.


American flight attendant Amber added that “airline meals are extremely unhealthy” as “typically, food is prepared more than 12 hours before and can be filled with many preservatives”.

She revealed: “I bring my own food: light sandwiches or pasta salad.”

The crew member also advised passengers to avoid coffee on aeroplanes.

“Don’t drink, it’s the same potable water that goes through the bathroom system,” she explained.

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