Flight attendant tells what to 'never, ever consume' on a plane – 'promise me you won't'

Kat Kamalani is a former flight attendant. As flight crew, she amassed insider insight and now she dispenses these tips to other flyers.

A lifestyle, health and self-improvement-focused content creator, Kat has 136k followers on Instagram.

The mum of two, who now lives in Hawaii and Utah with her partner, shares her life on her TikTok, where she has a whopping 825k followers and over 21.5 million likes.

She posts her top travel tip on her accounts, as well as insights into her tropical life in Hawaii.

She previously discussed items travellers should “never” eat on aeroplanes.

She asked future passengers “just promise me you won’t.”

Kat was emphatic that travellers on planes should never drink water unless it comes from a bottle.

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Talk to a flight attendant, we rarely, rarely drink the coffee or tea that comes from the same water tank.

“So when you are drinking that coffee and tea that comes from that hot water and it’s absolutely disgusting.”

The coffee machines, Kat claims, are not often cleaned. She said: “These little (coffee machines), they are rarely cleaned unless they are broken.

“The (kettles) are taken out and cleaned between flights, but the whole machine is never cleaned and they’re by the lavatories.”

Recently a flight attendant explained the kind of passenger behaviour that ruins cabin crew’s day.

The woman, who goes by Cierra Mist, detailed the number one annoying thing passengers can do is “ask (crew) to help you lift your bags.”

The cabin crew professional went on: “First of all, none of the crew is getting paid while you are boarding.

“We actually don’t even start getting paid until the airplane door shuts and the break gets lifted.”

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