Forget your 4K TV! There's a new way to watch Freeview, Sky and Netflix

There’s a new way to watch content from the likes of Freeview, Sky and Netflix and it will make your home feel just like the local cinema. The latest device for telly addicts to add to their wishlist comes from Chinese firm Hisense with their new mini projector able to beam blockbuster movies, TV shows and boxsets onto any wall you happen to have free.

Despite its compact design, it can even blast an image up to a whopping 130-inches in size plus the Laser Cinema Projector also promises to offer a pin-sharp viewing thanks to stunning 4K technology.

And don’t worry about people endlessly walking in front of it and casting their shadow on your walls. That’s because this new device uses clever short-throw technology which means it can be tucked up close to the edge of a room and still create the perfect picture.

Other nice features of the PX1- PRO Laser Cinema Projector include High Dynamic Range (HDR) which expands colour and contrast so you can enjoy a vibrant picture with improved depth and detail. There’s also Low Blue Light Technology which reduces emissions of harmful lights to protect viewers from eye fatigue when bingeing on endless movies and shows.

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On the back, there are standard HDMI ports so you can plug in your Sky Q box and it’s fully connected to the web to make it easy to stream content without needing any extra gadgets or dongles. It’s even powered by Google’s Android TV platform which offers access to apps including Freeview Play, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+.

It even ships with a clever remote control which lets you find content and launch apps via simple voice commands.

It all sounds mightily impressive and will certainly end the need for a giant black screen to be stuck to the wall. However, all this new technology does come at a price with Hisense selling the PX1- PRO Laser Cinema Projector in the US for around $4,000 (£3,300).

The UK launch has only just been announced so expect full pricing to be revealed soon.

Speaking about the new project Matthew Glynn from Hisense UK, said “We’re really excited to announce the latest addition to our Laser Projection offering. The PX1- PRO Laser Cinema Projector is something we’re extremely passionate about here at Hisense and we can’t wait to share the latest incarnation with our customers.

“The Laser Cinema technology is something which has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and we believe that, with our latest projector offering, we’ve produced an outstanding product which rivals any other similarly specified TV on the market. We’re all about offering our customers quality product with great specifications, which continue to improve year on year.”

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