Freeview warning: Your favourite TV channels could stop working this weekend

Freeview has put customers on alert and warned that some parts of the country could be hit with TV signal issues over the next few days. The broadcast platform has warned that high pressure weather could disrupt signals for some Freeview users this weekend.

In a statement online the terrestrial TV operator said: “Freeview viewers across parts of the country could see some disruption to their TV reception from Thursday 21st July to Sunday 24th July. This is due to high pressure which could disrupt the TV signals which Freeview uses.

“You are advised not to retune your TV during this time – reception will be restored once the high pressure passes.”

Freeview issued a similar warning for the previous weekend amid the record-breaking heatwave the UK has been experiencing.

On Tuesday the highest temperatures ever recorded were seen in the UK, on a balmy and sweltering day where the mercury topped 40C for the first time ever.

If any Freeview users are hit by signal problems they should not retune their device – as this won’t solve the issue.

Instead, once the high pressure passes services should resume as per usual.

If any Freeview customers are hit by signal trouble they can instead turn to the Freeview Play service.

This internet-powered TV platform is available on Smart TVs, or Freeview customers can turn to the Android or iOS app for tablets and smartphones as well as web browser version of Freeview.

The terrestrial TV operator said: “If you have an internet-connected Freeview Play TV, or one that has the players available to view, you will still be able to watch live and on-demand content from the likes of BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 or My5.

“Alternatively, you can watch Freeview via our mobile app which is available to download for free from your app store or on a web browser via our online TV Guide.”

Even if you’re having trouble with your Freeview signal you’ll be able to access a number of popular channels via a Freeview Play device, the Freeview app or on your web browser.

Channels you can watch via these platforms include BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and Channel 5 as well as Paramount and Dave.

How many channels you’ll be able to access though depends on whether you tune in via Freeview Play, the app or on a browser.

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