Furious driver hits out at neighbour who keeps parking five cars in front of their house

The disgruntled driver said the neighbour insists on parking five cars in front of their house. This is despite them having an empty drive. The homeowner added that the entrance to their driveway is constantly blocked.

The selfish neighbour owns a truck, a van and three cars.

This means that the homeowner and their family are unable to park nearby.

Taking to Reddit to express their fury, they said: “We have four cars and space enough for one car to park in our driveway.

“At night our neighbours park all of their cars, including the work truck/van, on the street, and don’t park any cars in their driveway.

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Another said: “It’s illegal to park blocking a driveway, even partially.

“Since they don’t want to talk, next time they block your drive, call the cops and have it ticketed and towed.”

A third added: “Put dibs on your parking areas and put cones or patio chairs out.”

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