GB News: Liz Truss blasted as a 'Maggie Thatcher tribute act' by veteran peer

Lord Taylor told GB News presenter Leo Kearse that he wasn’t “keen” on either Ms Truss or Rishi Sunak as potential Prime Ministers. The former barrister did admit that Ms Truss was talking about reducing taxes.

Lord Taylor, a former Conservative councillor in Solihull, said that Ms Truss was trying to bridge the gap “between the have-nots and the have yachts”.

Mr Kearse began by discussing Margaret Thatcher and her modest upbringing in the Lincolnshire town of Grantham.

He said: “One of the most successful Prime Ministers of all time was a grocer’s daughter.

“That shows the value of bringing through the working class.”

Lord Taylor, who was a parliamentary candidate in Birmingham during Mrs Thatcher’s premiership, agreed with the Scottish comedian’s argument.

He responded: “It does and I think Liz Truss is trying to do a sort of Maggie Thatcher tribute act in a way.

“At least she’s talking about bringing taxes down, I think that’s the solution.

“[She] wants to bridge the gap between the have-nots and the have yachts.”

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Mr Kearse then asked Peymana Assad, Labour Councillor for Roxeth in Harrow in north west London for her views on the Tory leadership contest.

The Kabul born politician tore the contest to shreds describing it as “choosing between two diseases”.

She said: “I mean I’ve heard people from the Conservative Party say it’s like choosing between two different diseases.

“I don’t know what that says about the options on the table.”

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