Germany gas crisis erupts: Scholz horror as Putin sets exact date Russia to CUT OFF supply

The move put Berlin on red alert, with Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck stressing the situation was “serious” and adding that “every kilowatt hour helps in this situation” as an emergency gas rationing plan looked to be on the cards. 

But Germany was not the only country impacted by the plummeting supplies, with Italy, Slovakia and Austria (to name a few) also feeling the pinch of the June cut. 

And as the large bulk of the EU feels the effects of Putin’s gas squeezes, sending the energy crisis spiralling out of control as Russia’s grip on the continent’s supplies continues to be laid bare, the bloc is scrambling to avoid a nightmare scenario over winter. 

In fact, the bloc gets 40 percent of its gas from Russia, and so had already been planning for further disruptions in gas supplies from Russia “in a coordinated manner”, according to its “Save Gas for a Safe Winter” Plan. 

The plan, which is set to be discussed further in Brussels tomorrow, lays out the market situation, the options already available under existing EU legislation on the security of gas supplies and the measures taken so far.

 This is a breaking story. More to follow.

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