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Green Mask Stick Miracle or Fraud? 

Hey, guys. I had a ton of fun making this content all about the Green Mask Stick, which is something that went viral on TikTok a while ago. And then I called him out as well as a few other dermatologists for blatant false advertising. Then they got back at me in a way that I absolutely found hilarious. I could not believe anybody would fall for it, but somebody must. I want to show you what they did after I called them out on social media. So let’s jump into these videos. First up is the Green Mask Stick. I ordered it after seeing all these go viral videos on TikTok with blatantly false advertising videos.

And it’s a small box—it comes just like that. I can’t read anything on it because I don’t understand Chinese, but it comes from a company called Median, which is there on the box. I think I paid somewhere around $25. I think that included shipping. And it took, I would say, at least six to eight weeks to get to me. It took a long time, I suspect, probably because it was coming from another country. Plus, I think they sold a lot of units because they went viral on TikTok.

And I think that somebody must have fallen for their false advertising. But it’s just a small stick. It almost looks like a stick of deodorant, and it just pops up. This one’s been sitting around a while, so it’s a little gunky on the inside, and I used it in a few videos, but it doesn’t really have a strong fragrance to it. I couldn’t tell you what’s inside of this, but it just kind of goes on pink, thick, and goopy. doesn’t rinse off really well. And so I tried this in my video to show that it doesn’t work as advertised. I want to show you what their videos looked like first, so you can get an idea of how ridiculous these videos were.

I can’t imagine why anybody would fall for it. But here’s the first video. So they’re putting it on. You could see the quality of his skin before they wiped it off, and it’s just perfect. So let’s watch that one more time. I want you to see just exactly what his skin looked like before they put that stuff on. And then these little black dots pop up on there. And then they wipe it off, and it looks perfect. Here it is, one more time. There’s lots of acne there.

They rub the stick on, little dots pop up out of nowhere, and then the skin is flawless afterwards, as they show in this video. And there are definitely more egregious examples. A lot of them have been taken down from TikTok, but there are some that were just the worst textured skins I’ve ever seen. like horrible acne scarring. I really felt bad for the individuals who had that, but it made me wonder if they were even doctoring the videos and photos before. so that the before looked even worse than it really was, so they could really augment the after. But then they put, like, chia seeds on the skin or some other black dots, and I think that’s supposed to simulate, like, this product is pulling out all this stuff from your pores. It comes up to the surface, and you wipe it away, and you have perfect, flawless skin. Now, this takes place in a period of, like, 15 seconds.

For this video, I think that the little glitch is supposed to illustrate a time lapse. Other videos indicated that you should wait, like, ten minutes with the product, and there’s nothing that’s going to change your skin that much in ten minutes. I don’t care who the company is or what they promise, nothing is going to change your skin like that in ten minutes. So if you ever see anything like that, it is definitely too good to be true. Seeing all of those videos, I bit the bullet. I paid for it myself. And I did a little test. I want to show you the video that I did. Let’s check that out and have the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Dermatologist reviews of Green mask stick

Its dermatologist reviews the Green mask stick. Get a look at my skin before. got up close to the camera. That’s the stick I just showed you. Make sure I get good, even coverage. wouldn’t want to mess up. and we’re going to wipe it off. No change. No change. But I realized what I did wrong. So bear with me while we try it again on my nose. I want to get a good, even application on there, because that’s where my pores are most apparent, on my nose. And we’re going to add cheese. Adding the cheese seems to be an important step in all of the videos. Sprinkle a little bit of chia seed on there. Now let’s see what happens. See what happens there. We’re just going to wait a little bit of time. You’ve got to give it time so it can work its magic and do the big reveal shoot. It doesn’t show any changes. Is anyone surprised?

Zero out of ten stars would not be recommended. Do not recommend this product in any way. So this was clearly false advertising. I did a test and proved that it didn’t work as advertised, but they persisted. They continued to put out their videos. So I had to answer back with another video or two of my own. This time, I enlisted a little bit of help. So let’s check that one out. Does it make you look younger? Let’s see. We put it on. Get ready to wipe it own. What a transformation. Much younger. Thank you to my son for helping me out with that video. Obviously, the product does not work like that. It doesn’t work the way that they advertise it. But I wanted to give an extreme example, just to really poke fun at the company and say they’re using false advertising. It will not make you look younger or change your skin dramatically in a matter of minutes. So given that they continue to post, I answered back with another video here. Let’s check that one out. All right, we’re back with the green mask stick. Let’s see if you can spot the mistake in this video. Of course they’re going to put it on. We’ve got the chia seed.

There go the chia seeds. Here it is. Watch it again if you missed it. But they forgot to Photoshop the upper lip, so they got the product on the upper lip, and then they didn’t Photoshop the upper lip. So for some reason, it didn’t work in that area. So I had to point that out. This is a total cap. This product doesn’t work. If you haven’t figured that out by now, I don’t know how to help you.

Now, I don’t know if they were just trying to take videos from other dermatologists or what it was, or if they were particularly mad at me because I was going after them with several videos. But after a little while, I started getting tagged in this video, and I couldn’t download the original because it got deleted because it was a blatant copyright violation. So what they did is steal my image from the original video that I did about it. Then they basically edited my video. They Photo shopped my video to make it look like I was endorsing their product and that it worked on me. I was so mad when it happened, and then I actually kind of found it funny. I want you to take a look at that and then see what you think. Okay, guys, this is amazing. I bought the product and used it, but it doesn’t work, and they used my video and added the blur effect to it. I couldn’t believe it worked on me. I have to say, I got beat on this one, but please don’t buy the product.

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They edited my video. They took away all my facial hair in that area. They took away the moles and freckles that I have. They cut everything from my video and inserted it into one of theirs to make it appear as if I endorse the product and that it worked for me. So whether this was them trying to just use a dermatologist or pick on me particularly, I don’t know. After this happened, I reached out to a couple of attorneys because I was like, Can I sue them? This is clearly a copyright violation. This is using my name and image without my permission to sell a product that I know is garbage.

I would never want anybody to buy this. And they’re like, looking for the company in another country, suing them, winning in another country, and finally getting them to pay you. They’re like, “You’ll spend thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to make that happen, and you’ll probably never get anything for your trouble.” And so I didn’t pursue it. I would just report the videos for copyright violations when they would pop up, and thankfully, TikTok would take them down when they would happen.

But since I couldn’t sue them, I decided to completely embrace my role as their spokesman. And I created this video for them to really show that you could use the Green Mask Stick on lots of different things, and you could get amazing results. Since I’ve become the unofficial spokesman for this Green Mask Stick, I thought I’d try it on a few more things and see what other miracles it can work. So I decided to get an old banana and put it on there. Let’s see what the Green Mask can facial spokesman you’ve got a day-old banana that’s turning brown and mushy, just put the Green Mask Stick on there and wipe it away. It’ll be good as new. Promise.

All right, so clearly, the Green Mask Stick does not work. I do not endorse it. I hope none of you will ever buy it, because the company doesn’t have any ethics. They’re using false advertising just to take your money when it comes to skin care. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Then don’t spend money that you don’t have. You don’t need to buy every skincare product that a dermatologist or influencer talks about—me included. I have my own line of 208 skin products.

I don’t expect you to purchase them. If you’re on the search for something and you want to try it, that makes me incredibly happy. But I don’t want you to purchase things that you don’t need or that you don’t have the money to spend, and certainly don’t purchase something that is making claims that cannot be backed up. The Green Mask Stick cannot back up the claims that they have. There’s no clinical data. It’s clearly false advertising, and in my own personal test, it doesn’t work. So if you guys see any products that are being advertised like this using false advertising and you want me to test them out, let me know.

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