Heart attack: The feeling that could raise your risk of the condition by 29% – study

Which has the greatest impact on heart health?

On this Cene said: “It is unclear whether actually being isolated (social isolation) or feeling isolated (loneliness) matters most for cardiovascular and brain health because only a few studies have examined both in the same sample.

“More research is needed to examine the associations among social isolation, loneliness, coronary heart disease, stroke, dementia and cognitive impairment, and to better understand the mechanisms by which social isolation and loneliness influence cardiovascular and brain health outcomes.”

Although further research is required in order to ascertain a link between mental health and heart attacks, this statement provides a window into the impact mental health can have.

In recent years, the stigma around mental health has broken down as more people, both old and young, men and women, open up about how they feel.

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