Holidaymakers set to splash out £770 each while on foreign breaks

After two years of sat-at-home holidays, sun-seekers will be splashing the cash as they make up for lost time. Research has found that 61 percent of people have budgeted to spend £40 a day enjoying themselves – despite the gloomy economic outlook.

The study by specialist travel insurance firm Staysure quizzed 2,500 respondents on their holiday spending habits.

Whilst 81 percent insisted they consider their spending money when thinking about their holiday budget and daily allowance, whether they stick to it or not is a completely different story. 

Just over 1 in 7 confessed to their pre-planning went “out of the window” on arrival at their destination with people aged over 55 being the worst culprits.

A further quarter of Brits (24 percent) claim to overspend by £41- £50 a day – across a 2-week holiday, which adding £637 to their total spend while 19 percent overspend by over £50 a day.

A majority of 70 percent agreed with the statement “you can’t put a price on having fun on your holiday, so I don’t want to think about money.”

While food and drink remained the biggest expense, the survey also found an upsurge in people spending the majority of their budget on sightseeing and visiting places of historic interest, which Staysure believes is down to a renewed appetite to explore after two years of lockdowns.

CEO and founder Ryan Howsam said: “We’re delighted that UK holidaymakers are able to travel far and wide and see the world again.  After two years of incredibly difficult times it’s no surprise that the pandemic has made us all far more adventurous and keen to explore local cultures rather than just the inside of a resort. The pandemic has made us all realise we can’t take holidays for granted and how lucky we are to have so many incredible countries right on our doorstep.   It’s great that people are taking advantage of the freedom that travel brings and continue to be adventurous.”

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