Home improvements to avoid – won't add value to property and 'unattractive to buyers’

Homeowners selling their property want to get the best price possible for it. While the interior of a home can be changed, other features are more permanent, meaning they can be unattractive to potential buyers. ScS has partnered with webuyanyhouse.co.uk to provide tips on what to avoid when looking to add value to your home.

According to the experts, freestanding baths can be “unattractive to buyers”.

They said: “Freestanding baths look great in social media posts, but they often come with a lot of practical issues that make them unattractive to buyers.   

“They are far higher maintenance than normal varieties. 

“You may need to make extra room under your floor for additional pipes and plumbing. 

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Britons should also avoid adding gold hardware to their homes if wanting to add value.

ScS experts said although gold features can add a touch of “elegance”, the effect doesn’t last long.

They said: “Gold hardware can quickly look stained and marked, which is very noticeable. 

“It can also be difficult to match it with other features in your home, especially once the gold colour has faded.”

The experts also shared top tips on changes which could add value to a property,

They recommended replacing radiators and the kitchen floor.

According to ScS, replacing the kitchen floor can increase property value by £5,000.

They said: “Replacing your kitchen floor can not only update the look and feel of the room but can also provide buyers with the insurance of longevity. 

“Doing this can result in a clean and comfortable finish, which is practical and affordable. 

“Modern porcelain tiles are an effective way to add value onto the kitchen, as they’re hard-wearing, waterproof, stain-resistant and durable.”

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