How often should you clean inside a toaster? Steps to prevent 'potential fire hazard'

Toasters are kitchen staples for many households, which generally means they’re quite frequently used. Regular cleaning of the trusty appliance is key to ensure it remains efficient and bacteria-free, however, recent research shows the toaster is most forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. So, how often should you be cleaning yours – and how do you do it?

The hashtag #CleanTok has surpassed 43 billion views on popular social platform TikTok and with it being such a popular hit, kitchen experts at AEG delved into the modern cleaning habits of Britons across the country.

The research didn’t only reveal that Gen Z (those typically born between 1995 and 2012) seek most enjoyment from cleaning the home, but also which household appliance gets most neglected on the list of chores.

Out of all respondents, the toaster ranked number one out of the items Britons leave longer to clean, even though it’s actually one of the most important items to clean more promptly.

A staggering 64 percent of respondents in the UK admitted to leaving this task far longer than what’s recommended. However, this is much more hazardous than it might seem.

Cleaning expert Nicki Rodriguez, also known as Essex House Dolly online, said: “Since toasters aren’t sealed appliances, they become full of crumbs, dust, bacteria and even bugs in some instances.

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“Not cleaning the inside of your toaster can even become a potential fire hazard, as a big enough build-up of crumbs can be a burn risk and potentially cause a fire in extreme cases.”

How often should you clean inside a toaster?

Toaster cleaning very much depends on the frequency it’s used, however, for those who enjoy a fair few slices of toast throughout the week, experts suggest it be cleaned weekly.

For those who use it less frequently, experts recommend cleaning it monthly at the very least.

Dampen the same toothbrush with some white vinegar and go back over the metal wires to clean away any potential bacteria and dissolve additional crumbs.

Make sure to only dampen the toothbrush, as a sopping wet one could potentially leave a vinegar-filled puddle at the bottom of your toaster.

Lastly, grab a damp cloth or sponge and like the toothbrush, dip it in white vinegar to create an effective, bacteria-killing cleaning solution and wipe down the outside of the toaster.

For tough stains, add a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda to your cloth and apply a little more pressure while scrubbing.

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