'Immensely touched' Kate's heartfelt letter to girl, 6, after 'kind invitation' for George

The happy mother shared the letter she received from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Twitter, writing: “When your six-year-old invites Prince George to her birthday party and you get this from Kensington Palace a few months later.” Under the username @xxaimeeroxyxx she added: “Something amazing for her to keep.”

The letter was sent to Aimee’s daughter Maya who eagerly invited Prince George to her sixth birthday party a few months prior.

The letter was marked “Private and Confidential” and dated June 6.

It read: “Dear Maya. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have asked me to thank you for your letter, in which you invite Prince George to your 6th Birthday party. I am sorry that it took so long to reply.

“Their Royal Highnesses were extremely grateful for your kind invitation. Having given careful consideration to the possibilities, however, I very much regret that Their Royal Highnesses reluctantly feel they have to decline.

“Nevertheless, I hope that you enjoyed your birthday.”

The letter was signed from Claudia Spens M.V.O who is the Head of General Correspondence at Kensington Palace.

It was also marked from “The Office of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”.

Young Maya also appears to have been sent a photograph keepsake of Prince George with the letter, showing the nine-year-old smiling at the camera while wearing a navy red striped polo.

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Aimee’s daughter Maya initially sent the letter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to their office at Clarence House.

Prince George recently celebrated his ninth birthday party, with the young royal said to have enjoyed his day with family and friends.

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