Jan 6 Hearings: Committee chairman declares further hearings in September as ‘dam breaks’

It was confirmed on Thursday by the co-chairs of the January 6 committee that the investigation into the Capitol Hill riots would continue throughout summer. It was announced that a second round of hearings would take place in September as more witnesses come forward. The statement was made at the beginning of the hearing on Thursday by Congressman Bennie Thompson, the committee chair, and co-chair Liz Cheney.


Mr Thompson said: “We will reconvene in September to continue laying out our findings to the American people.”

Rep Liz Cheney added: “Our committee will spend August pursuing and merging information on multiple fronts before convening in September.”

Ms Cheney followed up the announcement of further hearings by saying: “In the course of these hearings, we have received new evidence and new witnesses have bravely stepped forward.

“Efforts to litigate and overcome immunity and executive privilege claims have been successful, and those continue.”

She continued: “Doors have opened, new subpoenas have been issued and the dam has begun to break.

“And now, even as we conduct our ninth hearing, we have considerably more to do.”

Mr Thompson’s opening address was given via video link after contracting coronavirus.

During his statement he blamed the former President Donald Trump for failing to act as the violence at the Capitol continued.

Thompson said: “Donald Trump ignored and disregarded the desperate pleas of his own family, including Ivanka and Don Jr.

“He could not be moved to rise from his dining room table and walk the few steps down the White House hallway into the press briefing room, where cameras were anxiously and desperately waiting to carry his message to the armed and violent mob savagely beating and killing law enforcement officers defending the Capitol.”

A total of four police officers died as a result of the violence at the Capitol.

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Congresswoman Elain Luria concluded the first half of the hearing by saying: “Rather than uphold his duty to the Constitution, President Trump allowed the mob to achieve the delay that he hoped would keep him in power.”

White House counsel Pat Cipollone has only recently agreed to testify and described the moment that the Capitol was under attack and urged the President to hold a press briefing to address the American people.

Mr Cipollone told Trump: “People need to be told, there needs to be some public announcement passed, that they need to leave the Capitol.”

He added: “I can’t think of anybody, you know, on that day, who didn’t want people to get out of the Capitol.”

Mr Cipollone appeared to invoke executive privilege when he was asked what the President wanted following reports he demanded his detail take him to the Capitol.

The Committee then played a video of Senator Josh Hawley fleeing as rioters entered the Capitol building following a previous picture of the Senator holding up his fist in support of the riots.

According to reports, there was audible laughter from the hearing following the video of the Senator being played as he was the first Senator to announce he would object to verifying the election.

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