Judi Dench: 'I’m not going to be beaten' Star on adapting to her 'ridiculous' condition

“It’s ridiculous, it’s a farce, but I’m not going to give in.

“These days I can’t really travel on my own because I need someone to say, ‘Look out, there’s a step here!’ or else I fall all over the place like a mad, drunk lady.”

Going on to explain why she is not going to retire any time soon, despite her failing eyesight, Dench added: “I just want to go on being mobile really and being able to do things. I’m not going to be beaten by my eyes for instance. I have macular degeneration, which means treatment every six weeks, but you just have to settle for it.”

The NHS explains that there are two types of AMD: wet and dry. Dry AMD is much more common than wet, affecting more than eight out of 10 patients with the condition.

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