Kremlin investigator charges 92 Ukrainians with 'crimes against peace and security'

Alexander Bastrykin, who chairs Russia’s investigative committee, announced 92 Ukrainian armed forces personnel had been charged with crimes against humanity. He also told the Moscow-backed news site Rossiiskaya Gazeta that around 1,300 investigations had already been launched.

Mr Bastrykin claimed some 96 people, including 51 armed forces commanders, are also wanted.

However, Kyiv is also conducting its own investigation into war crimes allegedly committed by Russia.

Some 21,000 cases purportedly committed by Russian forces since February have allegedly been examined.

The International Criminal Court has also sent a team of investigators and forensic experts.

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“This is almost certainly not true. Russia has not ‘expanded’ its war; maintaining long-term control of these areas was almost certainly an original goal of the invasion.

“Russia invaded these areas in February and the occupation authorities have been publicly discussing the prospects for legal independent referendums since at least mid-March.

“There is a realistic possibility that Lavrov made the comments to pave the way for referenda to take place in occupied territories beyond Luhansk and Donetsk.”

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