Labour CRISIS: Voters shun Starmer despite Tory chaos as Opposition DROPS in new poll

The poll shows that Labour has dropped four points in the since July 20-21 despite a divided Tory Party. The Conservatives lost three points while the Liberal Democrats gained three points.

The Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll shows that Labour leads voters by just six percent, and that if those who “don’t know” who they would vote for in the next General Election, that number drops to just five.

Economy was said by voters to be the most important issue with 63 percent of respondents claiming it was the issue that would determine the way they vote.

The topic will likely feature heavily in the debate between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak on BBC tonight.

Although the poll shows a Labour lead, it is likely worrying for the opposition party. Last week, Keir Starmer claimed the Conservative party was “tearing itself apart”.

The poll, however, seems to show that Labour lacks the overwhelming support some members likely thought would result from the sometimes bitter Tory leadership race.

Worse for Labour still, the poll shows that the Tories, effectively leaderless until the membership decides on either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, are closing in on Labour’s lead.

The poll also found that just 27 percent of voters approve of Keir Starmer’s job performance while 31 percent approve of outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s – up one point from last Thursday.

A larger percent of voters disapprove of Mr Johnson’s job performance than Keir Starmer’s. However, that gap is closing as well with Mr Johnson gaining a small amount of support since last Thursday while Keir Starmer seems to have lost some support., earlier this month, spoke to several Labour supporters who said they would not vote for Keir Starmer in the next General Election.

One lifelong Labour voter, Nora, 79, claimed he has had a “charisma bypass”.

More to follow.

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