Liz Truss gaffe leaves PM hopeful humiliated after tweeting she would ‘hit the ground’

Ms Truss and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak are now head to head in the Conservative Party leadership following Penny Mordaunt’s elimination. The Foreign Secretary pushed out Mordaunt with 113 votes compared to Penny’s 105.

Rishi Sunak continued to lead the throng with 137 backers though bookies have Liz Truss as their favourite to win the contest.

Ms Truss’s probability of securing a win skyrocketed by over 60 percent after Penny Mordaunt was eliminated from the contest.

Despite being a favourite to become the UK’s third female Prime Minister, Ms Truss made a humiliating gaffe just moments after her success with a tweet which was hastily deleted.

The Foreign Secretary tweeted: “Thank you for putting your trust in me.

“I’m ready to hit the ground from day one.”

The tweet was quickly removed and re-written saying: “I’m ready to hit the ground running from day one.”

The moment has been mocked on social media with @matt_sw saying: “Please tell me this is real. Please.”

Others have edited Truss’ campaign poster which states: “Ready to Lead. Trusted to Deliver.”

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She told broadcasters: “I am excited to now take to the country to make the case to the Conservative Party about my bold new economic plan that will cut taxes, grow our economy, and unleash the potential of everyone in our United Kingdom.

“As Prime Minister, I would hit the ground running from day one, unite the party and govern in line with Conservative values.”

The pair will now be on the campaign trail to gain the support of Tory members ahead of the final results of the ballot of the 160,000 party members which will be announced on September 5.

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