Luggage packing hacks: Bizarre 'shower cap' hack to keep clothes 'protected and clean'

While holidays are something many people look forward to all year, the thought of packing for the family can be a nightmare. This is especially true if you are battling with luggage restrictions, or trying to keep all of your clothes wrinkle-free.

If you are only taking a small bag, or one without compartments, you might also find yourself having to pack shoes on top of some of your favourite clothing items.

This can run the risk of leaving scuffs or marks which have transferred from well-worn shoes onto your garments.

However, one TikTok influencer has shared a rather bizarre hack which promises to leave your clothes “protected and clean” while also making use of the free hotel room shower caps.

Posting to TikTok, user HelloKristen shared a video showing her encasing a pair of shoes inside of a shower cap.

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She described the easy move as one of her travel “life hacks”.

Kristen said: “Use shower caps to cover your shoes and keep the inside of your suitcase clean.”

In the video, the shoes have been placed together in a pair, before being slipped into the plastic shower cap.

Kristen has made sure the bottoms of the shoe are covered by the cap.

Alternatively, use vacuum seal bags to keep your clothing items protected.

The vacuum bags can then be reduced in size to make more space in your suitcase, ideal for beating hand luggage size restrictions.

SkyParkSecure added: “This tip is great for planning your outfits in advance, and will mean you won’t pack unnecessary clothes that you won’t wear.

“Additionally, it is a brilliant way of saving space in your luggage.

“Labelling each bag will also mean that you can take the clothes out as and when you need them.”

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