M25 traffic CHAOS as eco-mob halts drivers sparking 9-MILE queues during rush hour hell

The protesters, from the group Just Stop Oil, have blocked the motorwar on the anticlockwise carriageway. Two lanes of four are closed at junction 10 (at the A3 for Guildford) this morning. There are nine-mile queues and delays of around 25-minutes.

A spokesperson for Highways England said: “Two lanes (of 4) are closed on the M25 anti-clockwise in Surrey within J10 (A3 for #Guildford) due to an ongoing Surrey Road Police led incident.

“There’s a 25 minute delay on approach with approximately nine miles of congestion so allow extra journey time this morning.”

The protest group have declared the M25 to be a site of civil resistance after temperatures in the capital surpassed 40C yesterday.

In a statement, Just Stop Oil said: “This is without doubt the most important moment in UK history.

“All time temperature records are being obliterated, thousands of people are expected to die from heatstroke and the liars and plotters who are vying to lead us are too busy fighting among themselves to even care.

“The criminals that have our democracy by the throat are currently overseeing the destruction of everything that is needed for society and the state to function.

“By continuing to allow and expand fossil fuel production they are sealing our fate.

“Europe will see heat waves surpassing 50C in the near future and these will become more and more common.”

The group added: “We are therefore declaring the M25 a site of civil resistance against our criminal government.

“We ask that no one travels on this motorway from Wednesday to Friday this week as we will be blocking the highway.

“We fully acknowledge the cost and disruption this will cause to the public and ask that they take their demands for compensation to the government which has caused this unprecedented threat to our lives and liberties.”

The group demanded the Government “immediately halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK”, describing it as a “necessary first step to ensuring a liveable future”.

The UK was hit by extreme fires yesterday on the hottest day the country has ever recorded.

A ring of fires around London caused a major incident to be declared in the capital.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said yesterday was the “busiest day for the fire service in London since the Second World War”.

He continued: “On a normal day, the fire service receives, roughly speaking, 350 calls on a busy day. Yesterday they received more than 2,600 calls.”

A total of 41 properties were destroyed in London and 16 firefighters were injured.

Further fires broke out in Kent, Cornwall and Pembrokeshire.

In Kent, 12 fire engines are in attendance at a blaze in Dartford which has set multiple homes alight.

Meanwhile on Newgale beach in Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales, fires broke out on both Sunday and Monday.

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