Man Utd's Cristiano Ronaldo 'selfish' as wantaway striker told he's being 'unrealistic'

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused by a former team-mate of acting “selfishly” and not in the best interests of Manchester United. Louis Saha, who played with the veteran striker for three and a half seasons from 2005-08, accused Ronaldo of pursuing a selfish agenda.

And while he believes the striker has earned the right to decide how and when he brings the curtain down on his career, he maintained his actions this summer have not helped the club. “I am not Cristiano but as someone who seems to be a supporter of Manchester United, I have felt like he hasn’t shown completely enough of that – he is thinking about himself,” Saha said.

“I am not going to judge him because he is an immense player and I’m not in his position. No-one can judge his actions at this moment because it’s his own career.

“In some way, from Cristiano Ronaldo’s point of view it’s a bit unrealistic to ask now a club of this size to adapt to him and his dream.”

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And he believes it was unrealistic for Ronaldo to believe his arrival was going to turn the club into a multiple trophy side as soon as he arrived.

Saha added: “Even last year, I’m sorry but the magic could have happened and everything could have gone well and they won the Champions League and the Premier League and he could say that he could stay because he had participated in that. It was unrealistic that just his arrival would have changed all this.”

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